14 April, 2010


What is the meaning of shoot? Please ~ mind think positively and dun go to the devil side…hehe. Here is referring to direct talking without thinking so much of other people feeling.

First, I introduce myself. Naturally, I am an obedient boys, and will listen everyone advices and orders, even dun know how to “attack” people. Now, I was evolving to a person who always “shoots” people. I was thinking before why I change into this? The possible reason might be I was live around with this style of friend in my environment, when secondary school. If I not wrong, when I step into form 4, I started to shoot people, friends, or enemy. Most of the time I win, when step into form 6, I was scare of some convent school girls. They are so fierce, and cleverer to shoot people, I was failed against them. That day start off, I was seldom shoot people. (just less 30%).

In addition, after I was read the drama of novel {蔷薇之恋}, I still remember the quote: “Use direct talking, is our family habit, advantage is people will direct understand what the people want to said or express, avoid misunderstanding. Disadvantage is most of the people will get hurt because cannot accept the words.”

In my real life, besides me, I was met an Indonesia staff who work in S.R, she is more powerful. Do you know what she said to me? “If you really want to angry that person, just directly angry on that person, direct tell him/her, do not keep inside your heart, is better.”

I was thinking before should I “close” this skill for my future and my live? If I close this skill, I sure be bullied “gao gao” by others, this seems like my defence skills. I am an “over-gentle” man, talking no energy…
1. If people shoot me first, I will shoot back with my ability as much of possible. (devil)
2. Try learning not to shoot people, a normal talking ways, and try funny with friends.(angel)
3. Remember that do not use people’s weakness as the funny jokes. >.<

Last, I want to say sorry for every friend who was accidentally or purposely “shoot” by me before. From now on, I will follow my 3 rules above. Cheers! >_<

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