03 March, 2010

The IMAGE of 22 years Old

Yesterday just chat with my house mate when having dinner together. Suddenly talk about the topic of 22 years old.

I realize that my image look's like stop at the age of 18...that not meaning i still look younger, special. The real mean is i hard to grown up! 
Should the 22 years old image jus like the Bob in tekken 6?? 

This year i already 21 years old, cox haven reach my birthday yet. Since young when i heard adults who 20 years above, my mind will automatically think about the 20 years old above man was really "meat meat", very mature 1. Now flash back seems like my mind was passed away. I can see a lot of friend around me still young like 18 years old, especially the skinner one, not look alike 22 years old. Maybe people devolution ? hehe

When i grow up.....The pussycat dolls, nice dance song! ~~~~~ Before that i go shopping or go travel somewhere, there must be the staff said me i not look alike 20 years old, just like form4 & form5 boys. WOW! i was so happy! But that not a good news, a 20 years old man should have 20 years old image. I think the most reason i not look alike cox i underweight. Underweight can let a person flew by the strong wind! and feel not stable...

This years same again, keep word hard to gain weight on my body to let my image look alike 20++ years old. It must be process in long time. How admire the man who body has meat meat, contribution to me if u dun wan the meat on ur body XD Then i no need work so hard~   

Conclusion is when people said u look alike so young, not like 20 years above, dun be so happy for the man. If girl sure definitely happy, forever young! We are man! More old, more mature, more charming! ~


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