22 March, 2010

MOVIE Marathon Last Friday

A plan which plan to eat free burger at MacD, Watch movie <<越光宝盒>> and Alice in Wonderland in last Friday. The former plan was ruined due to the time was over.

After back home and drive back to SquareOne, had a value lunch at MacD and hurry up for the movies with my housemate. So, our plan was watch 2 movie stated above. After watch<<越光宝盒>>, I felt that this movie damn a a lot of funny ideas. More importantly, this movie was not boring at all. I kinda scare about the movie which will bring very boring feeling to me like last last week “Edge of Darkness”. It could be said EOD has a wonderful and perfect trailer, when watch the show I can said in a half sleep state also know the story what is going on…

Actually I like to be a person who can humour to anyone. However, I always used the wrong way to be humour, that was I will take other people’s flaw and let it be my jokes. That was totally wrong. I know many friends were dislike me behave this way. I need time to change to a positive humour person. I like to watch other people laugh, when they laugh, I will happy (hopefully is not laugh at me).So any comedy movie I will going to watch. As a result, this movie was not let me down, really funny, wahahahaha ^0^ Especially mix with The Red Cliff story, Titanic, somemore Painted Skin….just like Scary Movie!

Next movie was Alice In Wonderland. One of the coursemate was tired, and leave our team and went back hostel. That’s kinda disappointed. Well, we continue our “journey”. Alice in Wonderland has many bad review, listen from my friends said this movie not nice. After the show, my opinion was not bad, a little humour fantasy “child” movie...Well then, the main idea of Alice was make a decision by herself. She has to chose her path. That’s might be the moral value? …hehe.Oh yeah, that why the "Gaga in wonderland" will exist, might be the cause of white queen make up in this movie...haha. Anyway, this movie was my favourite style after all.

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