27 March, 2010

The "Hopes" come true?

After read the Secret that books, i always thinking what i going to face at next, and my hope...i consider it will come true in my life at the time coming...

First, i believe that i "was" success enter the local university. Then, after few month, a messages had sent to me, state that i was success enroll in UTHM. I was happy that my STPM result damn lousy, still can enter the university. really Lucky^_^ First hope come true..what the next?

Secondly, in the previous semester, i was believe that i was get the Dean award. At that time my result show not so good, the chance to get Dean is hard. Anyway, i have faith and believe i was get the dean award. Then, i was get Dean award last semester. So how now? continue for this semester? but it seem like so hard....argh~~~any miracle??

Thirdly, i was thinking before if one of my friend was a gay or lesbian... This kind of "hope" really weird, isn't it? I just want to have little "special" in my social life. Now, this "hopes" was come true. Damn surprising! Is it my thinking attract the idea come? And i made a conclusion here, there's nothing special if one of the friend was a gay or lesbian. They are just normal.

What i think now is above statement is "coincidence" or what? Or Secret Really Works? I know sound kind of rubbish and impossible things...well then, i will keep thinking and have faith on what i hope next, hopefully it will come true to me for my positive hopes! Faith on the hopes will comes true, i believe it forever. How about Never Had A Dream Come True by S Club 7? hehe~ 

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