18 March, 2010

"Ai Mai Ai Mai" (Half-hearted)

Do u have friends who around u are this kind of personality---"Ai Mai Ai Mai"(Hokkien)/half-hearted?? That mean they do not have their own main idea, or going to think about it so much, just follow people will or decision.First minute ask u to go together, second minute cancel off spontaneously...

So, is it going to be good? or bad for any situation? Maybe good is "cin-cai" (anything also can lar), the bad is (i no idea oh) especially u fall in the chosen category, choose 1 from 2 option. "Can i choose both?" u might bring a lot of unwanted result to u, another word-greedy.

I know it is hard to make a decision especially in a group. When u make a decision, other members do not like, then cancel is must. Just follow majority view. Since i was young, i'm not a good decision maker. I'm that kind of half-hearted person. When my friends accompany me to buy clothes, or desire things, they must be in "pain". I will said "this one better/ eh that one better too/former one is better/..." when i buy something. Myself feel head pain too why born in this kind of personality. Maybe this kind of personality is belongs to Virgo! hehe

When step to Uni life, i was happy because not only me just one of the half-hearted person.Some house mate/course mate same as me too. So, when facing this scene, how i going to react? When half-hearted meet half-hearted......  
Example: "let's go to the XXX shopping centre watch movie tomorrow." "Ok, deal!"
When tomorrow comes, that "host" said dun have feel want to go, just cancel it. Swt...everything had planned has to be canceled. Wasting time.Besides, if u making decision, they suddenly might said "dun wan la" "sienzz" but the one just said "cin-cai la" it makes me more sweat..=.=''''' (better keep quiet, isn't it?)

Learn to make a decision is important. No matter the decision is wrong or right, think clearly, u could make it. I still in the way of learn from it. ^_^

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