14 March, 2010

SECRET-Just think what u want!

Believe that most of the people in this world know the book titled "SECRET". It's contain a lot of useful content especially in term of build up your positive mind.

It can be said that this is an encouragement book. It is so fun to read and of course, inside has a lot of SECRET! People who interest on this type of book, my advice is do not miss this opportunity especially for book lover.If u are not interest on book, force urself to read this book, is very worth for ur life.

One of the most impression secret for me is "Think about what u want, it will come to find u". This concept is really important. First, u have to believe urself first and logically possible.Try to think about it and it will slowly find u. The problem just "time". So, if u r planning to do something just for ur interest, just think about it and have a faith on it, do it! It will come to u at last.

This book has given example: A man found out that he is rich now.He owns big car, house and so many luxury things in his life. Then, one day, he clean up his store room and found a notebook of the pass N years, all write about his life target. Now he had reach the target. By the way, he was forgot this pass N years notebook.

One more secret is "attraction rule". Do u know this kind of rule? That is attraction happen on our lives. U could see and observe that when u r inside a restaurant, a customer ask to pay bills. Next, another customer also ask to pay bills and follow by other customers. Just like the people  making one decision in a short time, people around there will automatically follow his/her decision especially for the group decision."People do wat, u will follow".
Read up the books, u will find more!Make ur life meaningful! ^_^    

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