04 March, 2010

Funniest Jokes i ever heard ^_^

Now coming to the relaxing session! I am going to share funny jokes here~(maybe not so funny)

(Happen on me):
1. I still remember when i standard 5, we had been asked to do oral test. In Chinese oral test, we had been asked to do preparation for the oral test, that is read many news, newspaper and etc. I had do preparation also. On that day, the teacher asked me a question: “Tell me the reason why XXX Prime Minister went into the jail for 5 years?? Then I said “I dun know” She gave me the hint:"He is commit crime。。。。贪什么?" Then I think very long time,then I answer: “贪小便宜!” ------All classmate was laugh loudly even teacher also......she scolding me so stupid n punish me and say me just like “Katak in Tempurung” After that, many classmate at that time “shoot” me about “You cannot贪小便宜,otherwise u will enter the jail for 5 years!”lol

(Read from newspaper at n years)
2. This one quite funny too, maybe u had listened before. One day, a guy found that his one of the testis become green color. Then, he go to the clinic and asked for help from doctor. The doctor tell him this is one kind of disease, dangerous. So, need to cut off the green color testis. The guy think such a long time and agree with doctor. So, his one of the testis was cut off (oh no!)

After one week, his last testis become green color again. He go to the clinic again and met the same doctor. The doctor said:"oh no! this is the disease spreading! So, this one has to cut off too." The guy no way and agree with doctor again.

After one week again, his penis also turn to green color. He is going to meet the doctor again. He said:"Doctor, do I need to cut off this also at this time?" Doctor:"Oh, I know the reason, this is because your underwear was discoloration! So no need cut off, thanks for the god."

3. This is the jokes no.1 at China list--- A pair of old husband and wife go to the restaurant where they always having there. They select a seat beside the window, and this is the morning. Next, the old wife said:"We are so long no enjoy this happiness just at the past, at past, we both naked to having breakfast. Shall we do it again?" Old husband agree with her and both start to naked.

Now, they both were naked. Old wife:"oh my dear, I still have the same feeling just like before! My chest feeling same hot just like before!" Old husband:”Of course, dear, your one of the nipple was drowned into your hot coffee!" 


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