11 March, 2010

My 5 Brothers ~

“How many brothers/sisters do u have?”
“5 brothers, include me.”
“Wau! So geng, all boys! Ur mom & dad expert oh!”
“Dun think too much la~~”

Every time when I reach a new environment, start to chat with new friends, this topic almost will be approached. First image is most of the friends think the good side of 5 brothers. Well then in my mind I will say is 50-50.

My big brother – 24 years old, me – 22 years old, next – 17 years old, next – 14 years old and the last – 11 years old. Wau! We can form a basketball team(Name: Lousy Team..ha!)
Every brothers own different personality. I am the one who most look alike GIRL behavior, so sometimes I will be called “sister” ah, “daughter” ah~~by my brother and mom. First time I hear really angry, but when used to it, I have no angry feel anymore. Since my mom so desire to have a daughter. That’s the reason why so many brothers in my family!

Whole house plus my dad, total 6 boys/men and 1 girl(my mom). My big brother now works as insurance company. I kinda afraid of him because he keeps non-stop negotiate me to enter insurance career and buy it also. I just listen and save in my left ear, and delete from my right ear. Really lolososo (just like me too XD). He is handsome and “sweet mouth”, so when secondary school he got a lot of gf and change many times. He dun like study. Well, but when the target comes, he won’t easily give up. For me, I’m just a “book worm” until now.

The next 3 brothers are really lazy. Haiz…Currently, I live in the hostel near my campus. Then most of the time I will go back to my home when weekend. When reach home, u know what I am going to do to my house? I need to clean my table, my room, all shirt folded were spread to anywhere, dust, and so on. I tell them so many times but nobody will take the action. If not clean I cannot sleep. I just take a free part-time job as “钟点女佣”every weekend. Some punishment i did too like take their shirt put inside a big black plastic, keep inside the store. Conclusion: No use since their shirt so many, big black plastic not enough..lol.  They have their own good too. Lazy to describe~

My second little brother, I admit he is really brilliant. He is going to cyber café and train level ID for online games. Then sell the account ID to friends through online and get the phone reload card, earn money based on the level he trained. He just form2, my mom and dad keep scolding him everyday live in cyber café, house just like motel. No study at all. Now I wondering is it study still so important? Most of the person not study well at last they can earn big sum of money too! Study is not everything. I have no choice, without study I have no other skill.


  1. well, study didnt mean anything... but it will be the starting point of your future work~


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