13 March, 2010

Project Month 2010

Now left one half month more, this semester is going to finish. Well, at this time, every subject owns their group project to be completed. 

Oosh...Head pain...This time project is more hard than before semester. Everything have to refer internet to browse through and try to understand everything on that topic or issues. Well, i am a leader almost for every subject this semester. Why 'leader' always find me? Am i a good leader?? This one i don't know. Just try to learn to be a good leader since there is no other way and many of friends don't want to be a leader. Some people said there is not need leader in a group, then just simply do. Do u think that the project is going to produce a perfect work?? Learn lo~

Next, i was selected majoring course for third year. I am choosing Software Engineering course from selection of Networking, Information system, Multimedia. Networking was my second selection. They said Software Engineering very hard to learn and almost head pain. However, i don't care the myth because i am more interest on this majoring. Some people choose to take easier majoring. Maybe they just do not want to make their life complicated. 
In my mind, there is no easier, "u will feel easier when u got a lot of interest on this". Besides, i just want to complete my wish since i was form 5. 

This month is going to fight the projects. The project's difficulty was increased too. I know that i am not done well in every project. I do not know why i will automatically start to work alone especially in a group. Suddenly members asking about how the project was going on, i will reply was done. Then i will see a lot of "dislike" expression on their face. Now, i learn to distribute work to group members and remind myself not going to do work personally and selfish.  

Last, i do not know why i so dislike friends who like to "copy" assignment from other friends without thinking first. I know the reason "copy" is easier. However, try to think first and do it on ur own is better. Lazy almost happen on everyone even me. Try think about this, when u work so hard to that assignment, then u lend ur friends to copy(some said they will change answer but at last din't change much). Finally, the assignment mark is higher than ur, what will u feel??  ~~ If discussion is another way~ fairly competitive (when step into social life this will gonna be normally). 

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