10 March, 2010


TRUST---When we need to trust people? Should I trust my friend?? Sometimes ‘enemy’ can be trusted too??

Do u ever notice that TRUST is really challenging? It just likes to take an adventure in our life. Living this kind of world, sure got people or friends can be trusted, somehow betrayed might be happened. When u have been cheated by a trusted person, what u going to do? Slap/Scold/Ignore him/her? If me I will add that person in my black name list and never trust him/her anymore.

When start to select TRUST friends, anyone or stranger, then prepare anything consequences have to take on. The ADVENTURE just starts! TRUST a people after u knows him/her so well. Simply trust just let u take more risk especially in this kind of living life.

In facts, a person who are honest to face everyone and everything in social life, it might bring any bad consequences. Is it unreasonable?? A people who did good things will get good things back. ~TRUST very important in any relationship- Family, Lover, Friends, and so on.

No TRUST, WAR will happen. Without trust, there is nothing more can talk with each other or just simply talk without issue.

Conclusion, TRUST if u thinks u r feeling right.  

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