08 March, 2010

Study Way

“Can u teach me how to study effectively?”
When student reach a new study year, sure this kind of question will be asked from students. Study-A process that is no one can skip since young. Even poor, study also cannot be neglected.

In fact, I know many ways to study perfectly. However, I cannot follow the way they teach. Actually, I am stupid since young. Since standard 1 to standard 6, I was scolded ‘Stupid’ almost every month. Maybe scared of the teachers’ punishment, I suddenly become so hardworking to study (especially when primary school).

Many people said I so hardworking, but I dun think so, I just complete my task only (with feeling of forcing). Maybe they haven see the real student hardworking way. Of course, I was cheated by some friends too. Those the friends will praise u at the front and said ur bad at ur back!

Sharing Study way that I know: (PS: it doesn't mean that i so understanding)

1. Focus on what teacher or lecturers teach when he/she is spoken. Do not make the   quick notes. Understanding is more important.
2. Everyday ‘touches’ the books. (~hard for me) 
3. Make a timetable to enjoy study and entertainment, even exercise.
4. Exercise everyday to let blood circulation run smoothly, refresh the brain. Drink more water (make sure is boiled)
5. Playing games is important too, release pressure. But, do not addict ^.^
6. Some students select smoking to release pressure, but remember the bad consequences.
7. Some people can study with listening music. (in my mind listening music is good,especially the not understanding languages or instrumental songs).
8. If you are brilliant and 99, no need study so much, just browse through is enough already. I have a friend who called “god” really expert, he everyday play games only 2 hours. Study also. Both fields were conquered by him.Geng!
9. Do not day dreaming too much @.@ 


  1. same old tips...

    but doesn't work leh... how?

  2. then create yourself lo...find a way to let u study more comfortable..


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