17 March, 2010

Approach to Gay Movie

So far i was watch two gay movie. Can said one was drama and another one was movie. What was the title? Ha, that was Brokeback Mountain movie and Queer As Folk Series.

First movie i watch was Brokeback Mountain.Why i interest on this movie? Many friends ask me why i watch this kind of movie? I just reply that this is director Lee An well known movie, by the way was about a gay love story. I never watch this kind of movie(curious curious), so i was bought that cd and watch at home. Conclusion is that love story was touching. So, gay has no difference in love matters, just like normal people.

After few years, i saw my course mate was watch a drama - Queer As Folk. All the content almost describe all homo love story. I was tried to watch that drama due to my curiosity. The drama's actor almost all was muscle guy, i wonder why gay movie must find a muscle guy to be an actor? Well, the story line was nice too, this drama contain 5 seasons. So far i just finish watch 3 Seasons. (maybe always play dota and lazy to watch drama). Of course, this was rated drama.

In that drama Queer As Folk, it could be said that queer will be looked down by normal people. This scene can said happen many time in this drama.In my mind, normal people should not do that way, there are people (folk) also.

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