25 March, 2010


Well well well, 2012 warning, earth dangerous, most of local university was aroused with the green campaign, that was banned all Polystyrene.

Actually,i personally dun like the polystyrene when take away. When need to throw is very hard, need to squeeze it and compress it, i know most of the people just direct throw. The correct way is store it in ur house because it is not able to biodegradable. I prefer the paper pack then the polystyrene.

Of course, i know the best way is prepare the container by urself. I was lazy to bring a container and put in my bag.Instead of that, so i always try to having food outside. Second choice is take away only for the paper pack.

Is it will success for this campaign? So far, i see a lot of students still same, take away as usual and using polystyrene. Well, most of the people will think polystyrene everyone still use it, why i have to stop using it? That's might be shown the scenario like this lo.....


  1. ya2...i don like polystrene oso...n i oso don like 2 take away o...coz i don hav container...i owez eat at the eating place den go home...mayb its good 4 me oso...coz after eat i walk back den can burn de fat...if i da bao back hostel eat,eat there,sit there,sure grows fatter...==|||hehehe...^_*

  2. i'm glad that u have same feeling with me, i think they better change polystrene to paper pack better in their business, isn't it? right, better eat outside and burn fat~ (me need burn fat also for some part~)


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