23 March, 2010

25 Facts About Me

1. I was learn to write word neatly since kindergarten. Thx mom! ^^
2. When primary school period, I have too “natural” sound. When answer the phone, people will ask my mom “is that your daughter?” 
3. Of course, too many brothers, fighting cannot be avoided when secondary school although I am most “gentle” in this family.
4. Form 6 had a holiday in hospital, due to the urine contain blood. Until 6 days the holidays just finish. Hospital life…
5. A little late developer myself, when form 3 just “develop”. Then, sound change too.

6. My Sound soft soft, 中气不足 , called “ruan mian mian” since secondary school. Now also…swt
7. Learn to cook and make blended drinks after working at secret recipe since 2005.
8. Quite independent (just like normal people)
9. Underweight since form 2, due to want save pocket money, hungry just drink water…(people who want lose fat can use this way, but is hard!)
10. Phobia when in form 6, afraid teacher call me stand up and answer question X.X
11. Love to sing karaoke. Now sound so soft, not suit to sing anymore…but still sing, stubborn
12. Gamers since standard 6. Most of the PC games I was try to play…tomb raider, star craft, most of 3D adventure games(most like). Some were using cheat, want fast game :p
13. I am Final Fantasy Games series fan!
14. Buy PS2-Main objective was play final fantasy X, X-2 and XII. Now mission complete, other games were less to play now.
15. I’m loving anime Dragonball Z, Sailormoon (most like, so beautiful) and doraemon, digimon…child flavours. Doraemon is never boring one, now watch still has child feeling^^

16. Quite “hegemonist” when own Computers. When play PC games, never let my brother has chance to touch pc. Of course, now change le…
17. I am the one who was “top ranking” from my mom list. She always call me to do the household things, and seldom call other brothers do. Not fair! then I will direct said call others. Well, I will helping too.
18. Be “molest” by a guy since enter this university…swt =.=”
19. Now still do not have any relationship experience. I am book worm, not handsome, not a so  good guy. I know it was “lame”. I cannot focus on both at this circumstances. I being laughed too. Single also good what?? For temporary…haha. Some said I am gay, what a ridiculous assumption! No girlfriend = gay?? ..swt
20. Connection with taoism activities like attend to 佛堂. Now temporary skip this, scared…
21. Believe in supernatural things since young. I was met this kind of incident in my secondary school and make me cannot have an explaination. Too supernatural! But I am not the one who can simply believe related supernatural things, logic instead.
22. Accidentally have penpal by writing letters. 3 totally and all was girl. Just write the name details and send it to Young Express, then I was receive Letter. The feeling was nice >.<

23. Love to write. I was writing the Final Fantasy 8 novel chinese version, just finish Disk1. And write my PLKN story novel(www.xanga.com/chinren), and even a detective type novel. My friend give me a good review on Final Fantasy 8. Maybe can develop on this path, hehe.
24. I’m stupid since young, my mind cannot turn, thinking straight. Now achieve my target most was hardworking. Stupid, so just hardworking, isn’t it?
25. Love computers! “Research” on anything related with computer since form 2. Any software will go to try. A PC guy always update is compulsory. Now was slow le.

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