08 March, 2010

Wedding Ceremony

Hoo~ My relative’s wedding ceremony came again, well I didn’t attend due to the place and my assignment. It doesn’t matter to me…hehe

Just flash back when receive the wedding ceremony invitation, our whole family sure not going to attend all, due to so many brothers. If all go then will ‘snatch’ one whole table. Total number of family members <= 4 then opportunity more big to attend all. So, we have to choose one of the brothers in order to behalf on son of this family.

Listen my brother said this wedding ceremony was special, not ‘normally’. Why said so? Cause the special program was added in the wedding ceremony, like Lion Dance, “Transform Faces”, ”Transform shirts”, and other performances shown on the stages. I think this kind of wedding ceremony really not boring, can eat luxury food and enjoy the program! Then, there was no more “Karaoke” session for the wedding ceremony.  

So far my 2 primary school friends were married. One of the friends just married few days ago. Wow! Time turn so fast, classmate already married, but I still stuck inside the “book career”. Plus one more 2012 maybe will end, and then maybe I just finish my studies and my life end???? X_X, hopes that 2012 not going to come true, many people still have many dreams!

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