27 February, 2010

Haiz...disappointed on my current hostel

Current hostel really nice to me, house big, nice to sleep. However one thing that is never change----------The cleanliness of the house.-------

Since everyone sharing the same house, why most of the mate cannot spend their time to help clean the hostel?? Is it dirty doesn't matter? Or wait until the ant, cockroach show up, jux think a way to distinguish them??

Prevent is better than cure. Why everyone at here cannot spend some contribution? or little? is it so hard to them?? Directly tell them will make them not comfortable feeling, kinda hurt the feeling between the friendship. Most jux care for themselves, do their things more importantly. Said also not used, not going to change too.

Example, a rubbish bin. When the rubbish bin is full, there is no one will change the new plastic. They jux keep throw the rubbish to that "FULL" bin. So the surrounding is very ...Is it symbolic their personality? when self is full, still need to fill up anything and make self so greedy?? Please, change the plastic----empty condition----rubbish allowed to be throw. Obviously, people jux wait other to clean up the rubbish bin. Automatic do not happen.Toilet also, seems like nobody will see the "dirty" and "dust" shown up inside the toilet. I know wash them very hard,lose a lot of calories. Sometime wash them jux use up 5 minutes only...

Nothing else i can say, if i see so full, i will direct throw the rubbish plastic. A empty box also can throw to dustbin == Do u know the small dustbin function?

Fed Up.

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