28 May, 2010

Short Semester 2010

Many of friends ask me, “u r now in holiday, right?” Then I will said “No lo, now I’m in short semester, no holiday T_T”

That is the way I answered. This year is totally different with the last year short semester. This year is no so free (supposed). I did not attend the MDEC program (sure I ad lose this opportunity, hope next time I will have the chances, really a lot of help in PSM, the senior said).

So far, I am feeling free now. Feels like I’m having holiday. That day chat with one of the senior, she had given me advice that is time to start our mini-psm (Project Sarjana Muda). Totally, I really feel free for this semester. Actually the fact is, the mini-project left one month to do, although five people in the group, it will not enough time to do so.      

I still have a feeling that I can back home and play my house computer games. Haiz…the project coding I not so familiar and don’t know how to do yet. Really……still playing DOTA online. Recently I was been “scold” my DOTA so “noob”(means lousy), suddenly I got two kind of feeling.

1. Train hard for DOTA, dun wan the name of “noob”. (no talent's T&C) or
2. Give up the DOTA, play for fun, and focus more on studies, futures.   

Now just try focus little and learn some coding for the mini-psm lor every week lo......

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