23 May, 2010


Sometimes, I still wondering is it necessary buy the original, or just simply go download from certain website?

Public keep introduce and promote public purchase the original. Of course, otherwise singer or company is unable to earn money and hard to increase the sales. Pirate in this world are popular. The original haven’t published, the pirate can be purchased already in the market. Pirate is crime, of course.

In my life, I seldom purchase original (to be sincere). In my mind, purchase original needs a lot of money, especially in my student life. However, for my favorites things, like Final Fantasy (video only), Ayumi Hamasaki (very very seldom), and etc. Normally, it cost RM50.00 something. Dude, expensive! RM50.00, I can eat 16 plates of chicken rice! @V@  

For games, I am not going to buy original. Download from the website? No, because I’m lazy download big capacity of games, so I just go computer shop buy a pirate instead, save times, but waste money lar. PS2 video games also.

The benefit of purchase original album is they are packed with beautiful, attractive packs, and sometimes include the free gifts, poster or whatever. If really desired to buy original, really have to think wisely, sometimes it is not worth to buy the original.

So, do u support original, or pirate?  

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