17 May, 2010

Revisited to Genting

Just come back from small genting trip, tire and happy! 

Some house mate and me went together on last Friday morning. Temporary put aside the assignment, enjoy as much as possible.

When reach the destination, 4 hours half, by KKKL bus. After check in and so on, we went to eat lunch, at food court up stair, purchased a plate of Taiwanese chicken rice. Then we play, eat, play, eat, sit, lepak…and one more casino!

First time played the Flying Coaster there, by paid RM10.00. The feeling is thrilling! Really! I was shouted all the time, 360 degree spinning. But I shouted “ouch”~=.=''', my mate beside me was laughed at that time…luckily it just travel one times, if two times I will cry…We were playing the cycling boat. My leg was damn tired after all.

*this just for fun...many passerby was look at us XD

Roller coaster was played 2 times again(last few years also play 2 times), the cart racing, space shot I dun want to participate, cause at that time I really dizzy. After played on pirate ship, head really dizzy…many stars on my head. Then, “lawyer” and me wait them at “London eye”. Then some group of us went to dinosaur land take photo. All photos are available at Facebook.

We had dinner at Chinese Food Court in first world hotel. They were ordering Bak Kut Teh. I ordered a hot plate mee. All was delicious. Accidentally, I was purchased a fresh lemon tea, cost RM6. Really is fresh! So fresh…Enter the casino. Wow, most of us were requested to take out the IC. Miss Ann, u r right! Although I already 22 years old, the body guard still need want check my IC. :P

[Casino] First experiences at here. Many smoking people are there, a lot of slot machine there. It seems like complicated to play the slot machine. Many bet tables are there. All working staffs are wearing smart, handsome, and beautiful. All expression was so serious. It was hard to see them smile. Dai lou was join the bet, “lucky spinner”, minimum bet is RM5. My bet’s idea was canceled because I know I sure lose money only. After we meet dai lou and saw him play, he directly lose all. After that, we were joined the motion master. “Haunted Mansion”, this 4D movie really fun and amazing! The water, the rat, and I almost being frighten all the time, quite scary…will automatic think what next after this. Show finished, dai lou call us and said he was win back RM50. Although the number is small, but it is worth to happy for him for win back the money. I just think that is it we snatch the luck from him when we watch him bet at that time??

Playing arcade machine, I just comment that my hometown, batu pahat is better than there. Not so fun at all. Street fighter 4, some buttons broken, Daytonax cannot connect and played together…Starbucks! Yeah! My dreams was come true, Frappucino blended drinks. The flavours yum yum~~Ah Seng was joined us at Starbucks around 1a.m. At that time, many of “parody” songs was performed by singer, bad romance, poker face, ……their sound so nice, but the singing technique might imperfect.  

   Andy and me!

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