22 May, 2010

Resident Evil VS Silent Hill

These two famous popular horror video games make me “freak”! Sure, there is the difference between Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
*The image might make u unfeeling well...

When playing Resident Evil, I will feel “excited” and randomly scared by the zombie. They appear suddenly and direct attack the main character, if not paying attention. So, always be careful and defense is important in this game. The previous series of Resident Evil is more horror than the latest. Some series zombie is disgusting, and a bit sanguinary. I remember start from the resident evil 4, the zombie can use saw to kill main character (LEON). It will show he use saw to saw the neck of LEON and LEON directly die, of course, the blood is spread out at the same time. So far, I was played the RE2, RE3, RE4, and currently RE5. RE1 lazy to try…too many latest game out, cannot catch up some more.

When playing Silent Hill, the feel is totally different with Resident Evil. Silent hill throw u to the city of silent hill, and no one here, if got, there are weird human? Monster? Or ?? The thing is the monster in silent hill is not so horror. (I think the design not so freak). U will feel horror by the atmosphere of the surrounding. The famous place or background level is always hospital, hotel, school, church and so on. The main character always will bring a torch light and search the dark place. Here, i will be scared what i will going to “shine” on the monster or what…horror feel in the heart…I was played the SH1,SH3, SH4, SH5, SH Origin. Now left for the latest one "Shattered Memories". 

The SH3 makes me feel surprise and fun! Why? The main character of SH3 is a girl, forget her name already, her personality really special. When she faces the monster and notice in this weird town, she will scold, and yelling, totally spread out the feeling of WTF. I still remember the ending is ‘fun’ too. After the girl was defeat the boss, the ending shows the girl walks toward his stranger (uncle). Uncle asks her: “Is it all over?” She replied: “No. Because, you are not die yet!” Uncle was shocked. She added “I joking!! ~hahahahaa” …=.=’’’ However, the latest is horror and not more fun…  

Anyway, who want to try the horror game and test the “bravery”, can try these famous game.
Have some fun on horror travel!

P/S: If I only can play at night, I will make sure I was not played alone…

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