26 May, 2010


Our group name: Facebook! (For my current subject cyber entrepreneurship)

Just suddenly think that Facebook really did a lot of successful in social life.

Because of facebook, i found out many of my primary school friends. Most of the primary school friends are playing facebook. It is really wonderful for us to gather all the old friends online and even meet with each other easily. If facebook not exist, then we might hard to contact and meet each other, for the surprise of “Really long long time no see!” (for any changes…)

I think most of the friends will browse www.facebook.com everyday. Me too. This kind of syndrome called “addicted”? haha

Have a decision to give up on facebook. However, Result: Fail.


  1. i already gave up fb-ing...

  2. maybe facebook is not popular with u anymore...quite sienzz sometimes..


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