30 May, 2010

My face...

My face was “degeneration”. Before that, my face is in “ok” condition. Now my pimple(small) was “outbreak” over my face.

I kind of frustrated with my face now. I always using Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Foam, followed by the Clean & clear toner. Then, I play “idiot” suddenly for my face. I change to use GERVENE facial foam (scrub) and followed by the GERVENE toner. That time, my 2 big pimples were growing at my both side of nose. So, I purchased the Clearasil pimple cream and use it morning and night for my big pimples. Then, my face was controlled, but the pimples seem like not to get smaller :(

So, I buy a GARNIER Cooling Foam (Lee Hom Advertisement) to wash my face. After use, I feel really nice and feeling cool on my face. Then, followed by the Clean & Clear toner. Pimple cream was still be used.

When in genting trip, I stop using pimple cream and use another Garnier Scrub to wash my face. After I come back here, I was realise that my face was more and more serious, more small pimples outbreak on my face. Helpless…

Few days before I was listen my friend said that “see, use more pimple cream/facial product, pimple more and more outbreak” I was realised I almost use pimple cream everyday to get rid of my pimple. Suddenly, I was thought back the time when my classmate told me that the face need to breath when at night. So, now I decide to stop use any pimple cream, and follow back my schedule, just using Clean & Clear Acne Clearing and toner to settle my face. Better get rid of many chemical things…

Hope my face will get well soon… 0.o

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