01 May, 2010

Drama Drama

Drama Drama (not “rama-rama”[butterfly] >.<). Most of the people love to watch drama. The only difference is drama type. Love, life, action, detective, business and etc…Well, I prefer to watch comedy drama, then life meaningful drama, love (woohoo, “Brokeback” series I dun mind~), oh ya! The “supernatural” like Ghost Whisperer, Heroes is my favorites too~   

Most of the time, I feel the drama’s director really creative. They can create any fascinating story which might be happen in this world. I believe heroes’s superpower will comes true >.<
The most important things, I feel really really really really really really good after I watch drama. Sometimes, I will going to mimic the character’s personality, talking way, the style, and so on…I got a cute housemate-he really really really really has good mimic skill, especially after watch the movies in cinema. Haha, he makes a lot of fun!

Some people are against the drama. They might be said that drama wasting time, better do some benefit work. Totally cannot said like that, watch drama can change ur life, change ur perspective, change everything…make ur life fun and interesting, full of emotion…hoo~ So many “advantage” on life. Drama is just another entertainment, and release stress. I think addicted also never mind >.< (better than addicted to smoke, isn’t it? ^.*)

Drama is an infinite thing. There is no ending in drama life. Just watch the favorite’s drama, dun watch every drama, u will be crazy d~ 0_0

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