21 May, 2010

Carry Marks

Since enter this university, the new system was introduced-carry marks.

Normally carry marks are owns 60% or 50%. Final exam only covers 40% or 50%. That was different from the previous school system. Flash back to the moment, we just strike for final exam, cause final exam was determine the result/grade of that year. Now is different, carry marks have to take attention.

Now my current semester was 2nd year 3rd semester. Carry mark is important. Sometimes, some students get low carry mark, he or she will appeal to the related lecturer why the carry mark so low. Why doing so? Because they think their hard work is not worth of that kind of unexpected result. Sometimes, lecturers are strict, made mistakes, or whatever. Test 1, test 2, not did well, the carry mark sure effect so much.

I just wonder this world is unfair. That’s doesn’t mean that “I pay how many effort I will get how many marks”. Just like in university, most just do the final exam past year paper is enough already. Should I every day just study? I think the answer is no. Now I was changed, from my observation, when I was first semester, I will study more hard than now. Recently, when my final exam period, I still can play games, doing others work. Seems like I was feel more relax than before. That’s a good sign. The bad sign is my result drop down. If maintain, that is lucky.

My target in this university, first is 3.50 above, to get Dean. After I was listen the incident about who get over 3.70, first class, the PTPTN not need to pay. Then my target was changed, changed to 3.70 above. But, my ability got limit, cannot over it. That’s makes me feel sad and is too late to hear that news. Now I cannot pull up my marks, the only things can do is maintain my current CPA. These entire target really just for myself, u could think that not need pay back money is such a wonderful things! (Now: Stupid idiot Zidane, dun dream la, u never get 3.70 or above, live a normal life instead. Just pay back what u loan!)

In form 6, I was taking decision not playing any PC games. In that period, I was study all the time. Then the result is bad also, this is because I am stupid. Cannot get the meaning quickly, study deadly. The only thing I can do is hard work. Then, I think that is not worth anymore, I have to enjoy life also. So, in last few semester, I was start to play little games when final exam period. My plan is study, and then plays the games, study, play games and so on. Games really can relax my mind. But not to addict, social life will decrease.

Now the target only I can do is, maintain my CPA… 


  1. oh yeap...im under stressed of my cpa & cgpa also....
    my target is same with u, i wanna FIGHT!!! for 3.75!!
    im sure u can do it better more more!!due to ur hardwork u paid.
    available time for games is acceptable, juz dun make urself to tight for every moment.
    add oil fren*=_

  2. thx, i try my best! ^^ For now strike for cpa 3.75 is hard lo...never mind la, i understand.


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