24 May, 2010

"Lan Xi"

I think most of the people are familiar with this word(Cantonese). To be sincere, I just knew it after I enter this university. Yes, it means proud, some define it as cockiness (cock very big?? XD)

In my life, I sure face a lot of this kind of people. Sometimes, I was accidentally “lan xi” also. And, I dun know I am “lan xi” when I “lan xi” to my friends. Sorry about that, maybe this has to remind by friends. How to face this kind of people? Previously, when I face friend who are “lan xi”, I just “shoot” them directly, to remind they are “lan xi-ing”. For now, I think my action was not right, so now I just try to silently listen, entered left ear, out from right ear. But I cannot, why my memory so good?(lan xi-ing…:P) (My memory for “bukan-bukan” really easily permanent in my head…lol)

Last year, I was asking comment through China website, about how to face this kind of people. They are a lot of comment and give advice for me. If I not remember wrong, mostly said “enter left ear, out right ear” “pretend u r so admire them” “just forget about it, it is normal in life”. So the conclusion is, just let it be. I know the feeling when people “lan-xi” in front of another, is really uncomfortable. Sometimes, I got a feeling want to “defeat” or “fight” him or her. So well, seems like my ability got limit. People have talent, then I not, I have to hard work. Just can blame me what I did wrong in the past life. However, sometimes people “lan-xi” really can boost one’s (victim) driving force.   

I just hope people who want to “lan-xi”, can try change another way of speaking, especially the way of expression. The way of expression really can affect a bit. It may turn the “lan-xi” behavior to a good information or kindly advice. 


  1. LAN XI....xin....
    haha..sometimes i will buxiaoxin lanxi also,, and make it out on my face...but i juz cant stop when i face smthg pekchek...i noe is no good for me n for others..so i eill try to DELETE it...=D

  2. Normally reaction lo for human..haha


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