04 May, 2010


Woohoo~Karaoke session~~~~Let’s Sing!

I can say I could sing “well” in karaoke, if I got a lot of energy on sound. It will be nicer.

So, I keep training my singing technique when in home. Good news is my sound was got a little more energy. Bad news is I cannot strike over my limit…

Thus, my mum was introduced me the “key” technique in the music. When I was sing man’s type song, my key was changed to low key around 1 or 2, even 3, depends~ Then, I was able to sing well in that song and not in the condition of “no energy”. When sing the girl’s song, I will increase 1 key.

I just knew that the “key” really got a lot of help when singing. First of all, I quite hate the “key” because it is not original sound, and when listen to the “changed” key song will feel uncomfortable. Now was used to be.

Last few months, I was train myself to sing over my limit, but result is fail. I was disturbing my neighbor indirectly. Haha……


Your bullet is gonna boost me :)