17 May, 2010

"JIPET" History

In fact, I am the one who dun like to hear people say dirty words around me, something like “cibxi” , “lanjixo”, and so on. This two I really dun like to hear. So, I was control myself to not to say these dirty words. So, I changed it to “jipet” instead to say that dirty words.

In my mind, “jipet” this noun is just normal, peace and not harmful. But I was wrong, my friends told me that “jipet” was a dirty word after all, although it is nice to hear than “cibxi” and so on.

Since from last two semesters, I start to say “jipet” when I was unsatisfied with that person, condition, situation or unhappy condition. I am the one who seldom said dirty words, normally will said “jipet” and “diu”.

Because of that, many house mate gave me the name “JIPET KING”. Then, other house mate was attacked, all given the proud name start with “JIPET”. Example: Jipet Dy, Jipet Long, Jipet Lawyer, Jipet Lou, Jipet FeiZai, Jipet Hong, even me—Jipet Ren….and blah blah blah…really give me a damn sweat…

If I can, I want to change my dirty words in other’s language. Example like ‘daro’, ‘puti’ (Nepal) ‘seipei’, ‘lipei’ (Myanmar)…What I think now is JIPET this calling will not disappear until graduate. =.=’’’    


Your bullet is gonna boost me :)