09 May, 2010


Are u narcissist? After watch the video posted on facebook which said he hate man who loved to take photo of them and post to facebookwith different angle, head to toe, far & near, many perspective.

I admit that I am narcissist. This is hard to cure. I loved to watch my face XD That’s why my profile photo on facebook has many narcissist photos. I know many people will comment that do u think u r girl? Post so many narcissist photos. I think this already became my hobby…swt

I think many of friends are narcissist. Facebook can find a lot of narcissist…

In my mind, narcissism is positive thinking and action, because the action of loved oneself. Suicide case can greatly drop down in this world. Isn’t it? Haha…narcissism too over is better take attention, just like take a whole naked photograph and so on…

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