08 May, 2010

All of Sudden

Finally, my sem2 year 2 final exam was done. Great things are i'm free of stress(happy x1), just enjoy! In additional, my friend seems like not angry me anymore(happy x2). So give myself 2 days holiday for me to enjoy crazily! Negative thinking, short sem come after, no holiday. (down x1) And, our house has organised the Genting Trip!Wanna go no matter what...(happy x3).

Yesterday i was found out my result for subject Database.The result was B. In my mind, that's not my target. I just wonder our final exam, many mistakes were did. Is it has to blame lecturer for not teaching certain part?? Most of us were target Past year paper. Disappointed, this subject is not followed so much. Brand new papers! Out of predicted!

Vanilla Ice-cream float on the surface of coffee!

Throw away the unsatisfied feeling-----So, after i paid the streamyx bill, i visit Secret Recipe BP. The ‘old place’ for me, hehe. I having a slice of raspberry cheese cake, and Affogato.Affogato is a vanilla ice cream mixed with black coffee. I thought the coffee will dissolve the ice cream. But the temperature of coffee cannot dissolve a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Just like the ice cream on pepsi! Hehe…The flavour is fantastic! ^o^. If u r the one who love durian, dun miss the durian durian cakes at secret recipe oh! Seasonal cake ^^

My home finally can streamyx. Just think about I applied since Mac 2010, second week. Until 1st week of May just come to install completely. The services and performance…speechless.

Enjoy the life! 

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