01 February, 2010


Firstly, I listen their song – GEE who play by my small brother, I was hate that music and said not nice at all, why play it so loud!? Then I will ask him to change other songs.

After come back this Uni, I just curious and download the YouTube video MTV of SNSD. Then I watch at my hostel. Wau! Really beautiful girls and group! All dancing are very cute and sweet, most of them are beauty! After watch their MTV, I realize that GEE song is nice! This song is greatly performed by them. Another song - Genie is nice to hear too. Now ah, my brother was “shoot” me said “dun know is who said this song is not nice at that time.”

I like this girl as the picture below:

This group was release the new song. The name is . Whole group members are dancing in this new music video. Just suddenly so like them ^^ Then, many housemate was affected too when saw their Music Video. They started asking the mp3 and music video…See? SNSD bring so many attractions to young guy ^^

I want to share this video for everyone who I saw it on the YouTube: (GEE-Wonder Boys!)

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