12 February, 2010



I was know AYUMI through the Singapore TV-The "My Story" studio album, from the song "Inspire"/"Carols"/"Walking Proud"/......well then i dun understand the Japanese, but the music i automatically start to love it, really! the musics was always compatible with my feeling, and really enjoy it. From that time, i borrow AYUMI album from my frenz and start to listen her song. Amazing all i can said.

Continue from that I started to collect her album (of cox in mp3 mode). Blue Bird, Startin, Part of Me……till latest Ballad/You Were. Oh man, almost every album was the best, different style, clear sound, nice + rock music too. In my opinion, Ayumi is suitable to sing sentimental song more than Rock song. Well, she performed rock song also not bad.

Wau, if ask me to say which song is nice? Then my answer would be “so many”. I listen back to her first debut album since 1999/2000 something. It is clearly to see that her’s sound was evolved! More powerful now. Last year, she performed “Rule/sparkle” was pretty amazing! My friend first time listen to her song and like both songs. Rule is so nice to hear and rock but the Dragonball Evolution Movie just so so……

I felt that I was “crazy” on her. Every song her performed I will try to sing and compare with the Japanese lyric. Everyday listen her song makes me can sing her lyric in pretty “good” way, sometime will be “perfected”. (my sound not so nice, I mention is Japanese lyric). Her live performance------pretty amazing again, look’s on the live record u will know how many efforts were done by her and her dance member.

Talk about her MTV, I most like the “Fairyland”. The stage based on Hawaii Island. Really beautiful scenery! Then is “Blue Bird”, whole MTV show everyone happy feeling, many feels on it! Part of Me MTV may be as symbolic of people reincarnation.

If I keep sharing ayumi hamasaki, I think I might need to write a novel >,,< Ok, then, Ayumi Hamasaki, was already walk through 10th years on singer life, top J-Pop singer, always support AYU!

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