04 February, 2010

Sleeping in class moment~ 2010


I wonder why the lecture in universities is feeling sleepy…especially at afternoon. Can be said that it is very tire and the lecturer juz normally give the lecture. Why they din give the way of lecture in kind of humor? That might be not feel sleepy in class.

Maybe due to the reason “lecturer given the lecture, not less if I study by myself at hostel, isn’t it?” Some students will go to sleep in the class. Sometimes I sleep also due to very tire. Additional afternoon is very hot. Sleeping in class about 5-10minutes is recommended, not more than that >.<


  1. walao...so free take pics our frens slp wor...??nex time i sleep i do some posing n u take my pics put up yea...^^

  2. == u ah...look's like want to "shoot" me...hehe i just take some natural photo, jux one times* next time got chances i take ur photo too...:p

  3. yea...find me...i noe how to shop de most natural pose...rili...no 'shoot' la...where got?im nice nice person ma...XD

  4. no nit censored the face also know who is who d...cant believe me oso inside =.='''

  5. as long as no see face ma XD


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