07 February, 2010

All About TAROT!

Well, since i was Form 5, i was getting interest on the Tarot card. Tarot card can give people a guide where u need to go, just a reminder. The Tarot Card would not give u the answer u want. It all depends on u.

So i buy a set of tarot card (just RM6, cause is not so real one.). When PLKN 2006 times, i got a friend from JB told me that the Real Tarot Card is really Amazing, it all made from the tree's skin, and the owner have to feed one drop of blood to the tarot card in order to increase compatible between owner and the tarot card, then the "reminder" u find out will more accurate. Well then, i believe what he said, cause Tarot card just a Fortune Count since in history. Many of frenz dun believe the Tarot card, they just said it such a cheating things.

Ok, all i have to say that if u need to play Tarot Card, u need to believe tarot card, but not addicted to it, just like u face to the god, any not normal things, keep reminds that just believe but not going to addict it.

Tarot card really help me a lot when i going to chose my decision, especially when i confuse. Last time, i using tarot card(well it is not really real, but now the price cost RM11.00 something) help a malay girl to choose her partner, she is confusing about the partner she was going to choose. After i help her, i surprise that she said the tarot card really accurate and let her know the thing what goes around her. She thanks me and know what she going to do. Now, she was married with that partner which was "suggested" by Tarot card.I dun believe myself can give the result like that...cause i still the way on learning it.

To be expert, i hope i can hardworking to memorize every tarot card meaning. It really helps me to translate the meaning when i divine.:)

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