26 February, 2010

After CNY, Good News + Bad News

Woohoo....A TIGER Year!

Finally, the CNY is going to finish. Flash back to CNY second day & following day, i was lost money in the bet with friends. Well then just bring the feeling to enjoy only, 1 year 1 times. Seems like i dun have so many luck, maybe i still "study book" = "du shu" (赌输). Maybe after study try some bet XD wakaka...Lose about RM20. Came back this hostel and bet again with housemate...lose again RM6 ...sienzzz >.<

Ahah...Good news coming! My course "Entrepreneur" no more doing any business in my uni due to Entrepreneur program delay to September, not related at all.In addition, this subject did not contain the final & test. So, our planning ice-cream & blended drinks business was canceled. I feel very happy that not need make so much trouble to this course. Now the simple thing is just make an interview with a successful company and do a full report. This assignment is better than the business doing in the uni. I'm feel happy ^^ but dun know what the other frenz thinking...maybe disappointed?...

Now coming the test. Database. So many SQL statement have to memorize. This might be tough & need use a lot of time. So far i still addicted to DOTA. Flash back first time din touch DOTA at all, cause dun feel so interesting this kind of game. After contact with it, i was addicted. Oh man! Come on, where's my study mood?? Come back to find me, i need you!!

Somehow DOTA really fun and strategy. I believe that playing DOTA use a lot of brain..some frenz might be using 'brain' or 'fingers' even 'toes'to play expert. In addition, thanks to the DOTA let me learn to think the strategy & make my brain 'spin' not 'straight'. Is a good news to me.

Now still have many movies & dramas in my external hard disk have not touch yet. If i keep playing DOTA dun know when can i finish my movies & dramas. The books also never finish...pressure pressure...

Seem like many bad news..one more important thing recently the weather is very hot now. A long time ago i do not sweat so easily in this kind of weather when afternoon.Recently really make me sweat. The EARTH is going to "BREAKDOWN"?? Oh my god! Come together to save the EARTH!

Wish to every friends ----- "GANBATTE Kudasai" ^_^

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