09 February, 2010

My Latest Idol - David Archuleta

Oh! David Archuleta, i most like the "smiley" face from him! He is really sweety, always laughing (not laughing gor, ok? ==) So, his symbol really friendly, hope that can know him then ask him teach me singing XD

The old old song : CRUSH, really nice, first time i heard that song, i was imagine how the singer look alike. I imagine he is a person full of beard,singing such a best sentimental song! After few months then saw his photo-------------------really surprise! He is totally adorable!!^^

He jus 19 years old this year(if not mistaken),a very young american idol contestant, and 2nd 'prize' in the contest.Song - A little too Not over you, Zero Gravity, To be with you high in my rating. His history, he was participated singing competition since he was 9 years old, saw it on Youtube, "David Archuleta - Fallin" which performed from Alicia Keys. Amazing sound since young! But now mature so the sound might had changed.

All my "secret" hope is "cubit" his face, damn cute---"_" Although some web page comment review him sing the song style was same, never change. I feel is ok for him, own style is very important.

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