03 February, 2010


Haiz…This is the problem I facing so far. (more importantly than singing) I juz 50kg, and 170cm height. (BMI just below the 18, means not standard) –Standard BMI :18-24. So how about your BMI? So far I saw many people are fat or BMI sure standard one. I very admire them why can own this standard body? Then I’m not.

So I start to settle my problem by enter the GNC club, purchase my first Weight Gainer (worth RM137 at that time, add Member discount 20%). Just hope I can really add weight to my body. (I think my body is no more problem anymore, like health status.) My health status is ok. Before that I jus know my heart is weak, so was having the Chinese traditional medicine worth RM60.00. I had ate few times so far. (< 10) I’m not going to consider that anymore than just trust my senior said that Weight Gainer will help u gain a lot of weight.

I finished the Chocolate Weight Gainer 1850 in 2 weeks. I was follow the order of advisor to consume the supplement in the right way. U know wat?? I just receive 2kg only. Then I delighted ^^ After few days, my weight drop down to 50kg back…swt….(really hard to fat). So I dun give up and purchase the next Weight Gainer 1850 again. This time is vanilla flavor.
Also I finished it in two weeks. Then guess what? My weight is stay on 50KG. Nothing Changes. I started realize that I not suitable to use weight gainer, maybe the reason I so high metabolism?? I wonder why not used, at that time I worked out in my home like pumping, sit up and jumping.

Then I changed the supplement. I try consume the supplement which help stronger my heart. After ask the staff at GNC there, she introduce me the COQ-10 Enzymes. Well I just purchase it at price of RM110 something. (so heart pain…I ate so many money T_T). At that 2 months I consumed the COQ-10 enzymes, I really feel more energy, my snoring even cured! (is surprise thing!^^) But my main problem doesn’t cured or repaired.

Next, I try the next supplement- Fish Oil Body which helps keeps your heart stronger and even stronger the brain. What DHA or some kind …AA…really helps the body tissue. I purchase it when my birthday offer, RM70 something, is cheap. Now I still haven’t finish it because it contains 180 capsules, one day one capsules, have to keep refrigerate. It helps stop my snoring too.

Last December I just purchase the Whey Protein Shake. This time I planned to work out more hard like pumping more seriously. After that, immediately consume the whey protein. I was read the information somewhere on internet said that the body will build the muscle when in resting mode.

Now I still try to gain weight in many ways (sometimes I forget to do it). I even consume the chocolate every day (as possible). I heard that quality chocolate can makes one fat. (low quality might be not used for me)

Just wishes that I can success in this planning as 2010 hopes. “””,,…..,,”””

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