03 February, 2010

Feng-Shui 2010

Just reach my home, then my mother told me that our kitchen is very dangerous. She said the “Feng Shui” master said that the kitchen place have to change. He was advice my mom better not use the gas to cook or fried the food, easily flammable. Ask my mom to use electric board. All the idea I can get is the “SWT”…. More seriously, the master added that I (dragon in Chinese horoscope) not suitable to use gas to cook. My mom ask me better dun cook again using the gas. Asked me use electric board. What the hell was that?? Then all the dragon Chinese horoscope people cannot use gas to cook foods???!!??

Oh…Luckily, my dad & mom went to the Chinese temple asked “Guan Yin Niang Niang”. After the checking of “Guan Yin Niang Niang”, she ask my mom and dad not need to change place in the house, the house is very ok already. Changes not need to do.

So happy heard about that ^^ Appreciate and thanks the Guan Yin Niang Niang help. I wonder who is that Feng Shui Master?? Before that, my mom keep forget to close the gas (damn dangerous) since the Master told my mom…it might be scared by the Feng Shui Master?? Who knows…

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