04 February, 2010

Secret Recipe ! New Cake Release: Black Forest Cheese

Haha…just went to the Bank save deposit, get ready to drive motor to Summit Parade BP, then the “Sun rain” is slowly drop down on my body. Oh my god! Just hurry rush to the Secret Recipe to avoid rain and wait the rain stops.

Reach secret recipe, surprise see that the new cake is release! BLACK FOREST CHEESE!
My friend working there keep ask me to try this flavor of cake, cause it is really nice! Then I agree and take the Tea-set. (it is very cheap at 3pm-5pm having the cake there, plus free one coffee or tea, total RM8.00 below) Wau! Damn nice! Sour and sweet! I prefer that more than the Black Forest Cream Cake. I drink the Flat White Coffee, it is creamy too…

Look at the black shirt guys…(manager) is it really look alike the celebrities in Korea? >.<

Rain is stop, what else? Go to summit lo ^^


  1. yummy...i wan chin ren belanja me...^^

  2. hehe....u can eat at tea-time cost RM8 only with coffee or tea at 3pm-6pm. I kedekut d leh >.<

  3. haha...u pula reveal urself say u r kedekut one...LOL...
    so cheap a?yeay...me kuching here oso got e...secret recipe...but don noe got the same offer o not leh...^^

  4. yaya. if not i bankrupt lo. Why everyone like to ask me to treat hh/her meal? haha....i think same gua,try check it out at sarawak lo.^^


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