24 April, 2011

Ward Experience

2006, December. Government Hospital at Johor, Malaysia.

I was living in the ward six days. The reason was my urine contain blood, and my abdomen feel pain.When the government clinic found out that my urine contain blood, they direct send me to the hospital, with the ambulance. The service is nice.

First day enter the hospital, and the first time I lived in ward. I feel a little scared on the operation might needed to be run on me.Well, I just not think too much at that moment.My parent had accompany me everyday, but not whole day. They have their things to do in house. When night, I have to sleep alone in ward. I felt kind of horror and scared "something" might appears in front of my eyes.

Due to abdomen pain, the doctor was checked my body and try diagnose as appendix.They are going to do operation on me. So, I was forced no to drink and no to food one day. The night, the Indonesia doctor was coming, and asked me where I felt pain. Unfortunately, my pain area is not at appendix, then doctor clarify with me the appendix is at another side with touch my abdomen. Thus, the operation was canceled. Then I able to eat little on next day. That moment, my urine still have blood.

This is high standard ward

At the day four, I felt my asshole pain (just a little). That moment, my aunt direct told the nurse there, and a nurse comes to me. Guess what she did to me? She "fuck" my asshole! >_< --- No lar, she wear the glove, and her thumb was filled with cream, then directly insert to my asshole deeply. (Ouch, more pain I feel when she doing that) Definitely, I feel no pain anymore after few minutes.

In ward, I was reading the novel "寂寞之歌" by 藤井树. It is a nice story and I enjoyed it. I feel more lonely after read that >_<. Besides, the doctor try to diagnose me again. She asking me that what medicine had given when I was treated in clinic. I had written down in my novel, so I tell her the medicines. In day five, she gives me the transparent syrup medicine, ( I do not know what is that)I drink that without eat anything. After few hours, I went to the toilet. Then I found out the bowl was contain a lot of bloods (disgusting). After that moment, my urine was no more blood and the abdomen pain no more. Totally clean with light transparent color of my urine.

At day 6, I was leaving the hospital. The fees is quite cheap too. Seriously, I was feeling pain until at day 5. My weight sure drop down again. During the needle insert on my hand, the third time I just success. My tears was coming out due to the pain. Thanks to the friends who visit me during that moment.

In ward, some funny things happened. Like one of the midnight, I was wake up and ate the bread on my bed. My shadow was scared the Malay auntie at my beside, she thought was ghost! Besides, the other side was a Malay guy (13 years old something), he had the operation of circumcision. I had chat with him though.That moment, many patients in my ward was dengue illness.


Currently, I have to buy the insurances. Due to ward record, I have to do the urine test just for my insurances to pass. Hopes my body status always stay well.

Health is everything. No health, nothing can be enjoyed and cannot be last longer. Health is important, and bring rich.                                      

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