18 April, 2011


Actually, what I want to write about is about [撒娇] (sa jiao).

A lot of English translation I found out
- Flighty, 
- Flirty, 
- coquetry, 
- Acts like a spoiled brat, 
- play the woman...
Anyway, I called it as Flighty. (Pardon me :P)  
Do you like to flighty with other people in your life? Just like act pampered to your mom,friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and so on. As I know, girl always pro in flighty to their favorites people in order to get something they want. Honestly, I very seldom saw a guy will flighty with their friends in my life.

Sometimes I will flighty with my friends too just in case of joking, for fun. What I want to do is make life more interesting.Even is in joking way, what their respond is "...don't do that, please. So disgusting!" Well, I am really just for fun, not in serious way on flighty. Normally, I will get what I want by myself (prefer).

From my experiences, mostly girls will flighty with me to get something or help. Guys mostly not, but one or two. The guy who flighty with me, mostly I will be caught in the trap due to his flighty skill. It is just too adorable for me...lol (T&C applied) And then, I will simply agree or try to get the thing he wanted just because of sweet sentences. This is the thing I need to learn, do not simply trust people.

Now I just realize that, people who flighty with you, if you agree with him/her willingly, then there is no unsatisfactory to talk about after case happened. The only thing I can do is be more careful on next time.

Why flighty? People need helps from others sometimes, so they use the "pretty attract skill (PAS)"/[美人计] to ask people help just in case that person do not want to help him/her. For example:

Case 1: 
A: Help me print out my documents, please? (with the adorable skill, PAS)
B: ...Ok.

Case 2: 
A: Help me solve this problem, ok? (with the PAS again)
C: ...Ok.
A lot of examples we might meet in our life as we grown up, I believe.

I think I was wrong all this time. I should using flighty way to ask my house mate help clean toilets, throw the rubbish from house and etc. It would be more effective. However, I am not handsome or not pretty, this kind of skill sure fail for me. >_<

Do you flighty with others? 

P/S: Do not do too over, otherwise people will be scared and run away from you.

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