22 April, 2011

Let Go - Part 2

Let go. Sometimes, we need to let go something that we love, like, or favorites. The things not belongs to your, then is not your. Just let it go.

Well, I could see a lot of people are hard to let go their favorites. Because of what? A lot of good feeling before, a lot of favorites feeling, a lot of touching
moment, and so on. When things go worse, or changes happened in life, it means we need to let it go. There is nothing to be continued as before, it seems like the end.

For me, now I try to let go my personal case. It is hard for me since my sincere is spend on someone that who not appreciate almost one year. My tears before just a waste. Yesterday, I had a chat with my best girl friend. What she told me was right. I should see clear the fact, do not be drown again. This is the moment for me to wake up. I need to face the reality and let go those unhappy things in my life. I will listen to her. Yes, I shouldn't care the person who do not care me. What for? Unless I stupid, or willingly.

[See the fact]. This sentences really makes me realize something. When knows the fact, we need to face it and employs suitable solution on it. Besides, my memory is quite good for those daily life action, no matter bad or good, I can simply store it in my memory, even a very small action. (If able to apply on studies, I will be a genius XD)

No matter what, I already see the fact. All I need to do for now is let go those unhappy and bad things which has happened on me, it is just like the necessary step for me to challenge it in my life.

Let go the unhappy things, bad things, then all good things will comes to the end, I believe.      

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