28 April, 2011


Yesterday night, I just post my status on facebook - "有什么不爽的就去写blog!" (Any unsatisfactory just write in the blog!) My female friend then post this link to me, and ask me play it.

http://www.foddy.net/Athletics.html (click this link to play)

I keep laugh only when playing this game...too funny!! hahahahahaha

After watch Youtube, I know how to play a little. So, I only get to 4.8 Meter (so far).

In conclusion, she asked me to close the blog and just play this game. Well, after playing this game, I feel like I prefer to write more unsatisfactory feeling on this game. ><  //**I do not want to close my baby!

Get Ready?

I am running...ouch

I kiss the land! Game Over.

Dear readers, try it and enjoy yourself (Relax moment)!

Have a nice day! :)


  1. funny game!
    anyway, i score 6.1m so far! XD

  2. Hi Cally! Ya...enjoy the game rigth? hehe
    Show off to me huh? XD


Your bullet is gonna boost me :)