19 April, 2011

22 False Preconditions

Source from Google.com

1. I am not form, then no form. Not live, then die.

2. Parents born earlier than me, they are my parents, thus they should understand what is good to me, what is not good to me.

3. If I try my best to withstand the unwanted thing, they will be disappeared forever.

4. I come to this world, just for live by using correct way. At the same time, I will affect others to live the way I used to. What I feel right, others should follow the way. 
5. My age is older than you, so I smarter than you, that the reason you need to listen mine words.

6. When born in a new body, my identity was decided. As an unsatisfactory person, I need to face the hard life, for the purpose of increase personal values. 

7. Just work hard, serious enough, whatever thing we will achieve at last.

8. In order to want have a harmony relationship, we must own the same wishes and trust.

9. If want to get happy in life, action is must. When I feel not happy, take action, it will be have better feeling. 

10. I cannot get the things I wanted, so I have to give up the things that important to me, in order to get the other things.

11. If can go away from the unwanted environment, then can find the new or wanted place.

12. Source has limit, desire is limitless.

13. We should find a way to live correctly who reach all agreements from everyone, then force the way to be launched.

14. A powerful God does exist, after He balanced all the things, all the things will going to make a correct final conclusion.

15. When you still in the body form, you do not know the actual action will bring what punishment or rewards. After the body die, you will able to see the rewards or punishment.

16. Understand the past and present on Earth’s that how to perform lifestyle, and related result, we will able to identify right and wrong absolutely.

17. Only special people, just like our leader, owns the ability to receive correct information from God. Other than that, the information received is not correct.

18. Find out the people unwanted thing, we can extinguish them. Without these thing, we will be more freedom.

19. A good relationship, that is the two people between hopes both opinions are same and harmony with each other.

20. Focus on the form things, it will weaken the heart energy. 

21. As parent, I must know all the answers, so I can teach those answers to my children.

22. Even though I criticize the person who has success, I still can reach the success stage.

P/S: Source - [The Vortex] 

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