23 April, 2011

Smart Plan - Sacrifice?

Flash back before final year project moment, I was sacrifice my entertainment time on a lot of drama. I tend to more focus on my final year project. While, I still have DOTA a little, watch movie in cinema with house mates, watch some movies in hostel.

Now I passed the final year project, and watch my drama which has keep so long time ago.If I finish those drama before just like my house mate, I think I have other things to do for this moment.

It seems like I should not sacrifice those things. I should live like normal, and tend to more focus on the important things. The others were live like enjoy the life, have fun always, but this seems like not effect the important things.

In conclusion, next time, I will do a smart plan by not sacrifice my favorites hobby. Especially watch drama, anime.


  1. yeah, i think it's good that you set priorities and spend more time on things that are more important, and also not forgetting to give yourself some breather - this is how you achieve a balance.. :)


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