24 April, 2011

Facebook Pros & Cons


1) To spend the free time
2) can retrieve old friends
3) get to know more friends
4) can better understand the lives of friends
5) can promote something like new products
6) can reduce stress
7) to learn English
8) can tell a lot of weird stories (from others Share)
9) can share their thoughts with friends
10) can invite others to participate in their activities
11) learned a lot of new knowledge such as know the name of the fish
12) to share your own photos
13) and other ... ...  


1) waste of time
2) make bad friends
3) easily deceived
4) addiction
5) addicted to the game
6) to disclose their privacy
7) Health Effects
8) lead to not concentrate in class
9) play on the computer for too long cause spine problems
10) it is easy for too long playing computer
11) was cheated because I believe facebook
12) and the feelings of family breakdown as to "snatch" the computer to play Facebook! !
13) see pornography content, someone shared
14) to learn what other people in violent with shared violence video
15) photos being steal and edited, even for bad purpose
16) foul language, no one will care about it
17) and other ... ...


Your bullet is gonna boost me :)