16 April, 2011

Interesting Scene

Let me share here a scene that happened in real life. The scene take place at ATM bank.

A four years old boy with his mommy wait at ATM machine to withdraw money. Mommy was line up and the boy plays the fake plant at the corner. The boy quite naughty, keep shake the plant.

Mommy yell: "Hey! Stop it! Come here!"
The boy ignore his mommy, keep shake the fake plant more seriously.
Mommy: "I ask you to stop it! Else i hit you ah!"
The boy ignore his mommy, and this time, he almost want to break the fake plant in the public.

Mommy was angry then walk towards to him, and hit him hardly. The boy was cried.

Boy: "You hit me? Never mind...I tell everyone here...i tell..."
Boy: "I tell everyone here you eat dad's kuku bird yesterday night!"

The public was silent then.

Advice: Don't show action movie at night when sleep with own kids in same room. >_<   

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