27 April, 2011

Blog Content

Since I steps into the blog world, I was discovered different blog content which directed by different blogger. Let me categorize those contents.

My blog's QC not yet pass ><
1. Personality. Some blogger will describe their personality on their post (Me also). Besides, some even expose their body/organ(any organ can be found on the body) size on their post. 

2. Love.Love includes many things. Parent's love, relationship love and so on. Some blogger will provide the guide to how to love someone, for those in a relationship , they were describing how they so sweet when love with each other.I am just so jealous! (joking :))  

3. Sex. Mostly sex contents can be found on blog post also. You know what I mean XD    
4. Privacy. Some blogger will put their privacy on their blog. Well, it is so risky unless the blog was encrypted.Or, the blogger share their privacy willingly.

5. Story. Some blogger provide story, and makes reader realize something that we have missed or new rules in life. Mostly, those story is meaningful.  

6. Principle.Principle like how we treat people, what we should do in daily life, what is right and wrong, moral values and etc.

7. Funny/Interesting.I like this kind of post, after read, I feel interesting and feel good after read. Funny post make me laugh and good feeling.

8. Emotional.Some post just focus on how they hate people, angry, happy, curse...Well, I am one of them too. This is not good, I am learning to reduce it anyway.

Video blog? Nice look and speech is must XD
There are still a lot of different kind contents can be found on blog, like video blog? As blogger, would you try to find out on your own in blog world?    

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