25 April, 2011

27 Living Tips

1. If the appearance not look well, let yourself be talent. If no talent, just always brings the smile. 
2. Temperament is the key. If you not able to keep up with fashion, fashion is not reach standard, then just maintain the natural style. 
3. When shake hands with others, you can shake more than a moment, and looked at each others' eyes with faith and naturally.  

4. It is not necessary to use "I" as subject to start the conversation every time. 

5. Do not borrow money from friends. 
6. Do not "force" your guests to see your family photo album. 
7. When take a taxi with others, it is best as first with sit next to the driver. 
8. Insisted say other people's good words at the back of people, do not worry about these good words does not reach the ears of that person.

9. If someone saying bad things about someone in front of you, just give a smile. 

10. When driving your own car on road, do not stop at roadside just to chat with a friend with motorbike/bicycle, friend will think of you are arrogant or showing off.  
11. When co-workers sick and went to visit him, it is better to sit on his bed naturally, and then wash hands thoroughly when at home. 
12. The things/incident which has happened in the past,  do not let other people know.  
13. Respect those people who do not like you. 
14. Everything focus on incident/things and not the person, cruel to things, kind to person, for people at first, work at second. 
15. Self-criticism can always win the trust, self-praise is not. 
16. There is nothing more than the spectators to improve your bowling score. Thus, do not save your applause. 
17. In real life, we need to learn grateful and learn to return the favor. 
18. Starling only talk with each other without listen on banyan, the result was chaotic. Pay attention on learn to listen. 
19. Respect the master in janitor's room and the auntie who duty on toilet cleaning. 
20. When start talking, remember to use "we" at the beginning often.

21. Applause to every person who sing on stage. 

22. Sometimes we need to ask even we had know. Just like: Your ring is very expensive, right? Sometimes we should not ask the question even if we desire to ask, such as: Lady, how old are you? 
23. Lost when we talk too much, so talk less when in crowded places. 
24. In order to say "no", we can say "It needs time," / "I try", / "I'm not sure," / "When I decided, I'll call you." 
25. Do not expect everyone will like you, it is impossible. While, to make most people like you is a successful performance. 
26. Remember, we have to like ourselves. 
27. Even just only one cheer for you, serious in performance is must.

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