03 May, 2011

Reject Someone Love You

How to reject someone love you, and you do not love him/her? Reject the love sure will hurt the one that love you but you do not love.That is cruel thing we need to do and clear it up.

We need to think a way to reach psychological balance on other side. Then, we try to praise him/her. After that, take the courage and state the reason why cannot accept his/her love. The content should more focus on benefit he/she will get most from him/her if not love each other.

Besides, direct talk can be used and is better. Remember not to ask third party to transfer the reject information. In addition, we need to always respect the other side. In case she/he still do not know you reject him/her, always act the reject attitude, let other side knows that you are not love him/her.

When the other side take his/her courage to confess on you, please do not reject directly. Just express the reject after three or four days. This is to prevent other side will feel hurt and hard to accept the response. If other side insists to love you and do not care your rejection, then you have to ask friends for help, and be cruel to him/her.Do not let the relationship in ambiguous mode.

Lastly, we have to respect the other side. Please do not laugh him/her and not expose his/her love information (love letter) to others, or the molest issues.
Be responsible always. Well, both still can be friend. Still, remember not to become enemy, just reduce the interact with each other.


  1. it definitely is not an easy task to reject somebody's love, but you just have to do it no matter how and first thing you must think about is not to hurt him/her, or keep the hurt to minimum.. so, handle with care~~ :)

  2. I love him so much and he reject me kindly and with respect but i still love him and now he is just ignoring me :(( but i will not lose hope

    1. Same here! I do everything, never ask for anything but she is still not happy with me. No place in her heart for me. It hurts a lot.


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