10 May, 2011

Kluang Tour, Johor

Last week, our Software Engineering Group (SE Group) was hold the tour to Kluang, One day. The interesting places are...(activities also)

KLUANG Rail Coffee, the famous Roti Bakar.

Delicious no? 

Someone sleep in K-Box Section XD (Mr.Loo)

With Hebe together. But, she prefer to stay in the screen.

Egg Tart, quite special taste, crispy.

Zhu Chang Fen, nice! (I no taste)  

Mr.Loo going to......

Ms. Chan & Ms. Bong (*Not available)

Mr.Tan & Mr.Oon

My Chai Tau Kuey! Quite oily, but delicious.


Almost finish Pork 

Prawn Rice Spicy, very nice I ever taste!

White Porridge (Just plain porridge, healthy food)

Then we had shopping at Kluang Mall and Kluang Parade.
That day, all of us were enjoying the movie [Fast & Furious 5]. This movie is damn nice, exciting when driving car, action movie. Full speed! We went to Kluang and tried to find Ah Hock Satay, but failed. Then we end up having dinner at Ayer Hitam. Wait next time then~ 


  1. Hey, din call me along...Seem nice la...

  2. It just for our SE group...next time ya :)


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